The Original Compost Brewer

The Probiotic Rocket is a state of the art, live compost tea brewer.  It creates a vortex that circulates microbes throughout a hyper-oxygenated environment.  Once you receive your Probiotic Rocket, you can immediately  follow simple recipes to make high quality specialty fertilizers for a fraction of the cost of buying pre-made.  These micro-brewed fertilizers are live, probiotic, organic, and sustainable.  This system is available for only $2495 USD

We shoot our rocket to dealers and customers all over the world and use the US Dollar as the world standard for pricing.

Why choose us



We have over 20 years experience in creating bioligically ideal living conditions for beneficial bacteria.



Only the best industrial grade plastics containers, piping and valves are used to make this machine.

All the major components were designed and assembled to allow proper disinfection and cleaning of all parts.



Our patent pending brass air injection system allows for optimum micro bubble insertion and effective cleaning unlike many air stone and nozzle systems availale. Althought this machine has been used around the world by home and hobby Compost Tea Brewer enthusiasts,  industrial grade components and design allow it to be used in many commercial applications like golf courses, municipal gorunds maintenance, sports fields and green houses.

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