Why the Probiotic Rocket is the first and last Compost Tea Brewer you will ever need.

1. Design – This Compost Tea Brewer is made of only the best materials.

2. Tank – High quality translucent polyethelene inductor tank with gallon markers to ensure your quantities are precice and that growing bacteria are safe from UV.

3. Legs – Extra reienforced blowmolded legs that will withstand extreme temperatures, humidty and best of all corrsosion. These machines are typically in high moisture / humid areas and even the best powder coated steel stands will rust over time.

4. Air Injection – Our patent pending nozzle design is a game changer. The nozzle is brass makes it virtually indestructable and very easy to clean.

5. Cleaning – Our rocket comes almost completly apart to allow for routine effective cleaning and or sanitizing.

6. Draining – The commercial grade 2″ ball valve is perfect for quickly emptying the contents into a sprayer or for cleaning. The end is threaded so that you can add your own attachment for your particular situation.

7. Smaller Portions – A 3/4″ brass faucet is available for easy pouring of smaller amounts or taking samples without opening the main valve or reaching into the lid.

8. Air riser – The air riser was designed to allow complete aeration of the water and initiate the vortex.

9. Vortex – Our vortex allows complete mixing of all foods and bacteria to ensure all liquids are supercharged for use.

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